Ten Top Tips for growing a Sales Team

Running a Successful Sales Team – Ten Rules for Business Owners

The Sales Team must truly believe in you, your company & your proposition

It’s your job to constantly sell them your sizzle
If you don’t then the other nine rules are irrelevant!

They have chosen SALES as a profession and they should have only one overwhelming desire EXCEEDING SALES TARGET

It’s your job to explain this in clear terms and if they can’t cope?
Then assist them in looking for a career outside sales!

In SALES there are only three activities that matter

Generating new opportunities
Progressing existing opportunities
Closing opportunities
Don’t let them kid you that anything else is worthy of core time or measurement

More SALES are made through MORE SALES ACTIVITY – not less!

Set high activity expectations and measure weekly
Make the benefits clear and come down very hard on non adherence

A Salesman’s earnings potential should only ever by capped by the size of their ambition!

Every sale should make you both richer!
Make sure the pay plan reflects this

Build only ONE SALES TEAM and make sure everyone feels part of it

Ensure everyone in the team knows their importance to the team
Have a league table which includes and measures all

Sales Training & Sales Methodologies are imperative –

Professionally train the team according to your chosen methodologies. Embrace them, believe in them and you will be rewarded
Ignore them and you will fail!

Sales Data Base (CRM) is the lifeblood of your business

SALES should choose it, cherish it, nurture it, develop it (with Marketing Assistance)
Sales MUST also buy into, drive and support all Marketing Campaigns

There is no substitute for Sales experience? Rubbish! The worst salesmen are typically those with “vast experience” that cost you a fortune, deliver little & move on

Get them young, hungry, keen & eager
Train them, shape them, reward them, promote them

Have fun

Celebrate every success, learn from every loss
Selling should be fun and if you don’t think so then forget the other nine rules above!


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